You want a pool in your backyard, but you also want a natural garden. Why not get the best of both worlds with biopool? Biopool is a natural pool that mimics a real like pond or lake. It's like going to the beach but you only have to step out your back door. Here are the benefits to owning a natural pool:

No Chemicals

Natural swimming pools don't use chlorine or other chemicals to make the water clear and safe for swimming. Don't you hate that chlorine smell from pools that clings to your skin long after you're done swimming? These chemicals are also harmful to you if swallowed and destroy the natural grass and plants around the pool. A natural pool is chemical-free because it mimics a real pond with a little help from mechanical filtration.

Natural Filtration


In a real pond, the plants take up nutrients left by microorganisms and release oxygen into the water. The microorganisms need the oxygen and food provided by the plants to make the nutrients for the plants. It's a never-ending cycle that constantly maintains the water. It is a natural filtration system. A natural swimming pool mimics the same process. Plants are placed in the pool to stimulate the process.

No Mosquitoes

One of the worst things about swimming in natural ponds are the mosquitoes. If a natural swimming pool mimics natural ponds then does that mean you'll have to deal with mosquitoes? Not at all. Mosquitoes only invade stagnant water where they can safely lay eggs. Biopools use mechanical systems to keep the water moving. This helps with the natural filtration and keeps away those pesky mosquitoes.


Looks Natural

Natural swimming pools are so much more than just a hole filled with water. The pool itself is filled with natural stones and sand to help keep the plants in place. It has several levels from shallow water to deep water. Around the pool you can keep your garden growing without fear of chemicals harming them. Once complete, your backyard will look exactly like a natural pond in the middle of the woods somewhere.


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